2018-06-10 - Av Henrik Sjöholm

Math competition Borromeic triangles at Entropics

Mathematical skill is a core competens for cat bond management. Hence, Entropics sponsors the mathematics club Tänkarna with facilities to stimulate children's mathematical interest. The math club recently carried out the competition "Borromeic Triangles" at four places around the country. The Stockholm part took place at Entropics.

Teams with three members from grades 4 through 6 solved 25 tricky problems during the two hour competition. It was a close call between participating teams from all locations, but finally two teams competing in Lund and Gothenburg shared the victory. Realtime updates of scores add to the excitment, as all teams can see how they compare nationally.

Example problems from Borromeic Triangles 2018
Some bees landed on a cube. On all sides, there are now a different number of bees. How man bees must there be at least? (If a bees sits on an edge, it counts as if it sits on two sides, if it sits on a corner, it counts as if it sits on three.) Which is the least number of squares that can be taken from a 5×5 square, so that it is not possible to cut a 1×3 rectangle from what’s left?

The level may be quite high for adults with more mathematical training, and demonstrates great problem solving ability among the students, both individually and in teams. Several of the students have, for the past year, trained with the mathematics club Tänkarna in Entropics’ facilities.

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