2019-08-29 - Av Henrik Sjöholm

Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian, currently at some 685 km south-southeast of Southeastern Bahamas, is currently moving in a northwestern direction by some 20 km/h. It is a category 1 hurricane, with wind speeds between 33 and 42 m/s but is expected to strengthen along its course towards Southeastern USA. The latest forecasts indicate a landfall in Southeastern Florida as a category 3 hurricane during Monday or Tuesday, but forecasts are still uncertain and can change in the coming days.   Every major hurricane (category 3+) making landfall entails large risks for people and property. In Florida, they will probably affect the reinsurance market and sufficiently large events can also affect the cat bond market. Entropics will revert with further information as the uncertainties of the forecasts diminish.
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