SEF Entropics Cat Bond Fund (”The Fund”) is the first fund managed by a Scandinavian asset manager specialised in investments in insurance-linked securities (ILS). Entropics has a responsible investment style.

The Fund aims at delivering good risk adjusted returns with low correlation to other asset classes, such as equity and bonds. The Fund manages a cat bond portfolio globally diversified with respect to perils and geography.

The Fund complies with the EU UCITS regulation. This framework aims at protecting investors through high standards for risk management, concentration risks and liquidity in compliant funds. The (I) Class is available only to institutional investors. As the Fund complies with the UCITS framework, it can be marketed to in EU countries subject to a notification procedure. Initially, the Fund is only available to institutional investors in all EU countries and on the consumer markets in Sweden and Luxembourg. The Fund can be introduced on additional markets if demand is sufficiently high.

The Fund invests according to Entropics’ policy for responsible investments.

The Fund is set up through Swedbank Management Company S.A. in Luxembourg. Swedbank AB is the Fund’s administrator, guaranteeing valuation and administration independent of Entropics. Entropics is the asset manager of the Fund, focusing on investment decisions.

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