Entropics is, according to regulation FFFS 2014:12 by Finansinspektionen (the Swedish FSA) and EU regulation 575/2013, obliged to disclose information on the company’s organisation, governance, ownership and guidelines for remunerations and recruitment. This information is published through this web page. Additional information is available through the annual report and can also be requested from the company.

Entropics’ organisation

Entropics’ board

tyrel_small[1] robert_small[1] Gunnar Roos lina rollby sm
Tyrel Jonsson
Robert Lindblom
Gunnar Roos
Chief Underwriter
Lina Rollby Claesson
External Member

The board of Entropics has three representatives of the owners and the external member Lina Rolby Claesson. Entropics discloses the CVs of board members as well as information about other board memberships on request.



Entropics is fully owned by the company’s partners through their own companies, in order of Entropics ownership:

  • Robert Lindblom
  • Gunnar Roos, Stig Aggevall
  • Lars Irstad
  • Henrik Sjöholm
  • Meryem Savas
  • Oskar Schyberg
  • Martin Hedberg
  • Tyrel Jonsson
  • Agne Burauskaite-Harju

Guidelines for remuneration and recruitment

Entropics applies a market market-conforming remuneration policy based on fixed salaries. Salaries should be modest and variable remuneration is not applied. Recruitment of team members is principally based on the specific skills that improves our ability to deliver returns to our fund share holders. In case of equal skill level, we strive to increase diversity amoung our staff and governors. For further information on our remuneration and recruitment policy, please
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