Managing others investments is a great responsibility. It calls for professionalism and ability to manage funds on behalf of our cliets. Authorisation to carry out portfolio management is preceded by a thorough process by Finansinspektionen, the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. After being granted authorisation, Entropics will be subject to supervision by Finansinspektionen. The supervision covers many aspects, from risk management to complaint handling.

Entropics is, from July 2014, subject to supvervision by Finansinspektionen with the following authorisation:

  • Authorisation to carry out discretionary portfolio management regarding financial instruments, according the the Swedish Securities Market Act of 2007, ch 2, § 1, point 4.

For questions regarding Entropics’ authorisation, please contact us.

Information on Finansinspektionen can be found at their web site,

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