• Entropics’ business idea is to offer investors access to a diversifying asset class with low correlation to other asset classes and good risk adjusted returns.
  • We are the first Scandinavian asset manager specialised in cat bond investments.
  • The management team has solid experience from underwriting, insurance mathematics and meteorology to handle insurance related risks.
  • We work with responsible investments and invest only in cat bonds we assess as beneficial to society.
  • Entropics is an independent asset manager.
  • We are committed to transparency.

Entropics Asset Management AB carries out discretionary portfolio management according to the Swedish Securities Market Act (2007:528), ch 2, § 1, bullet 4 and is under the surveillance of the Swedish Financial Surveillance Authority (Finansinspektionen).

Entropics Introduces a New Asset Class in Sweden

Swedish savings are roughly distributed with 2/3 in equity and 1/3 in interest bearing securities. Meanwhile, many investors search for diversification and uncorrelated return. Entropics was founded to make cat bonds investments available on the Swedish, Scandinavian and European markets. The company is the first Swedish and Scandinavian asset manager specialised in investments in cat bonds and other insurance related instruments.

An Independent Manager With a Strong Management Team

Our management team is composed with regards to our specialised focus. The team encompasses more than 100 years’ experience of underwriting, insurance mathematics, meteorology and management of financial companies. The team members have experience from managing global reinsurance portfolios, as responsible actuary with Swedish and foreign insurance companies, catastrophe claims settlement and insurance firm management.

Entropics is fully owned by its eight partners, all working full or part time within the company. We are thus independent of sponsors, banks and brokers.

Emphasis on Transparency and Responsible Investment

Cat bonds are inherently an asset class providing benefits for society by making insurance capital available. Entropics has a systematic approach with a policy for responsible investment, expressing that we only invest in cat bonds we assess to be beneficial to society.

Responsibility is also part of our communications. We are committed to transparency and to not only inform about our products, by to educating a larger audience about the cat bond asset class and to transparent communication about our management philosophy.


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