2014-05-14 - By Henrik Sjöholm

Brochure introducing Cat Bonds in Swedish

Cat bonds - betting against natural catastrophes is a brochure by Entropics introducing cat bonds and the market (in Swedish only)

Since launching Entropics and presenting our ambition to become the first Swedish based manager of cat bonds, pending approval by the Swedish FSA, we have met a lot of interest from different parties. Last week, our CEO Robert Lindblom, held a presentation at the seminar “The Pension Capital – the hunt for return” (link, in Swedish, Pensionskapitalet – jakten på avkastning), arranged by the Newsletter Pensioner & Förmåner.

Robert gave a broad presentation of the asset class, ranging from historical return to new perils and the future of cat bonds.

At the seminar we also disseminated a brochure featuring his slides accompanied by descriptive texts, which can also be used as a standalone brief introduction to cat bonds and the market in general. The brochure, titled “Cat Bonds – betting against natural catastrophes” is unfortunately only available in Swedish: cat bonds – betta mot naturkatastrofer

/Henrik Sjöholm

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Henrik Sjöholm

Henrik Sjöholm

Director of Communications and Responsible Investment

Henrik has 20 years’ of communications experience, as a speech writer for former minister of industry, Maud Olofsson, and as a PR consultant. He has successfully worked together with Brummer & Partners to influence the issue of pension savings transferability in Sweden. Prior to joining Entropics, he was head of the policy department at the Swedish Federation of Business Owners.

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